Today we are talking about inclusive marketing and shoulder clients. Some of the concepts I’m going to be talking about are very specific, and maybe even feel exclusionary — they’re not. This is actually a way for you to draw people in.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Why inclusive market and allowing people to self-select you is important
  • Why Britney does not like the term “Ideal Client Avatar”
  • The four levels of clients as Britney sees them
  • Going beyond the ideal client avatar and to the best client profile
  • What a shoulder client is
  • Why it’s important to be able to tell people when you aren’t a good fit for them


Can we just acknowledge that the ideal customer avatar profile doesn’t work from a demographic point of view if it also does not include their mindset around their actual problem?

The shoulder client is someone who’s maybe not your best client, but they still respond to your marketing message, they still opt in, they still self select into your world.

Inclusive marketing doesn’t mean including everybody. It means calling out your best fit client — that best client, perfect match client — so well that they can’t help but become part of your circle.

That is our responsibility and duty as a business owner: to, one, stand out from the crowd so that people can see your marketing message, decide whether they are called to it, and come into you. And then, two, take a hard look at that potential client’s business and look and see whether we really, truly can help them or whether we should refer them out to somebody else.

We do a disservice to take clients who aren’t a great fit when they could find a wonderful fit elsewhere.

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