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Parisjat discovered a new app in May of 2015 called Periscope which allows you to do live video streaming from your phone . Little did she know that this would change her life for the better and allow her to build two brand new brands from zero social media presence . She not only helps entrepreneurs navigate through social media but also created and designed a new transformational 6 week program that includes workouts, nutrition tips and motivation for the brain and body.

At age 45, she has completely transformed her life from being a stay at home mom to a Social Media Speaker, a Crossfit Athlete and training for American Ninja Warrior. If she can do it, anyone can. But it starts with being authentic to who you are.


  • Parisjat explains that you really don’t need to be on all social media platforms, just pick the one or two you are good at and go for it.
  • She mentions how she applies the same principles of gaining confidence with her social media clients and her workout clients.
  • Parisjat tells us what her inspiration was for her program “Find Your Inner Ninja” and why it’s so important in her life.
  • She describes how she came to “find herself” in her 40’s and why she feels that this is the best time of her life.
  • Parisjat shares that focusing on her end results keeps her motivated to do what she is doing now.
  • She tells us of her current goals to qualify for the Crossfit Games and she wants to be an American Ninja Warrior.
  • Parisjat talks about how she uses a workout journal to cope with frustration and disappointment in her life.
  • She tells us how her son’s health issues impacted  her family life and how eating whole foods has changed their health and their lives.
  • She describes how she overcame the resistance of buying and preparation of food and by weekly meal planning.
  • Parisjat tells us how important social media can be for your business and how to be your true self to shine the most.




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