Introducing the Brandscaping Code

I’ve been talking about a code for a while. It’s a code that attracts the right clients to you and lets the wrong clients just kind of… fall away. It’s a filter, if you will. A way to divide your time, your resources, your skills.

Sometimes I get kind of confused looks, sometimes a lightbulb sparks in the eyes of the listener. And that, my friends, is exactly what a code should do. It should allow your tribe, your soul-sisters, your like-minded humans to recognize a kindred spirit in you!

It should also set up a small stumbling block in front of the kind of clients that will always have trouble “getting” you. It should preclude that set. You know the old adage, twenty percent of your clients take up eighty percent of your time? What if you could skip right over that. What if every inquiry that came your way was already screened, already approved to work in the way you prefer?


I first latched onto the idea of a branding code after taking Ash Ambirge’s copywriting workshop. I don’t recall the exact quote, but the idea? I love the idea of writing copy that some won’t like, some will love. Only instead of using words alone as a marketing code, what if you set up EVERYTHING in your business to be a code?

brandscaping code definition by britney gardner

That’s where the Brandscaping Code was born.

It’s a made-up word I decided on that means branding your inner landscape. Branding your business landscape. For most of my clients, their inner work and business work are nearly identical, because solopreneurs put so much of themselves into what they do.

[x_alert heading=”Brandscaping” type=”success”]verb branding your business landscape to match your inner game[/x_alert]


So go ahead, brandscape the heck out of your business. Set up a word code in your copy, a photo code in your personal branding photography, a color code in your design elements. Everything you do should support your brand.

Next time you’re replacing your banner photo on your homepage or updating your LinkedIn profile, think to yourself, “Would my best client ever resonate with this image?” When you’re putting together an inspirational blog post, ask yourself this: “Would my best client ever desire hearing this?”

Never again will you waffle in indecision about these elements. Once you have your best client defined, the rest is easy. So easy, in fact, that you might just be able to do a DIY Brand Assessment.
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Not into the DIY thing? No problem. For you, I’ve built a new program to walk you through personal branding foundations. Instant Badass Brand is my premier 1:1 brand strategy service to get you clients now. We go through your business in two meetings. No more 12 week programs, we get you results NOW.

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