I launched into a photography career just as digital cameras were deemed – by some – acceptable. My first few paid jobs were on film, but very quickly I realized digital was the way to go. Not only did it provide me instant feedback for learning purposes while I was newer and younger in both skill and business, it was “free” to use. No more paying $25/roll to try something out or test with new gear. Which brings me to just that… new gear. I just saw an article pop up on a photography blog entitled “Invest in Yourself.” The premise, a photographer should invest in themselves before buying new gear. And it got me to thinking, replace the word “photographer” in that article with any other job title, and it’s still true.

A writer doesn’t need a brand new laptop to write, nor does she need a supple, leather-bound notebook. A website designer could use a brand new laptop but like a photographer, might better benefit from a workshop first. A hair stylist might love the latest and greatest in combs and scissors but has been happily styling without them for years. And as I’ve recently learned, an image stylist and wardrobe consultant doesn’t need designer labels to look like she’s wearing them.

So. Invest in yourself. What is something you can do today to increase your own worth?