Is Your Branding Driving You Crazy?

I’m human. And that means that I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, and often doubt myself. I am a branding strategist and I am a photographer, but doing both at the same time isn’t easy.

A Moment of Frustration

Before I delve fully into this, I’m going to point out that the featured photo was during my most recent photo session. Of myself. As in, I was the subject. And this photo wasn’t made intentionally, but as a reaction. My frustration with trying to convey the message I knew in my heart and not being able to express it broke down into this, a moment of trumped up drama.

When looking at photos of myself, I often get caught up in perfection. I’m a photographer. I understand exposure, composition, all of it. And I can find myself obsessing over tiny imperfections my clients will never notice. I tell my clients not to worry about their flaws, and this is mine. I know what could be.

In this most recent photo session, I chose not to get “all done up” and just photograph as is. I waited for good light. I chose my bedroom, my haven. I was casual. Or at least, I tried to be. That’s where all the frustration came in, because my bed is so delightfully cushy. I couldn’t get comfortable sitting up and look good at the same time.

Branding yourself is kind of like this. Well, a lot like this actually! You know the message you want to put out in the world. You’re aching to share your purpose. Figuring out how to monetize it is just a tiny fraction of your concern if you aren’t even showing up the right way yet.

Branding is a Work in Progress

As websites, Facebook profiles, tweet archives show, this is all a work in progress. You’ll continue tweaking your website copy as days and weeks roll by. How your site looked three months ago versus today? It’s rare they’re identical. And sometimes, along the way, the message you want to put out there gets tweaked a little, too.

I had a gentle reminder of that this morning. A friend pointed out a few things on my site that I’d forgotten about. I’d changed something halfway and never finished the rest. I wasn’t as personal as I’d like on one of the pages. Even a branding strategist needs a little outside strategy from time to time.

Is it time for you to look for a gentle nudge? My DIY Brand Assessment download is a great start if you’re not quite sure where to start. Do you need a little brand strategy refresh? A new set of eyes?
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Sometimes all you need is that nudge. Other times, a solid kick is more in order. Let me know where you’re at today. Nobody should let their branding drive them crazy forever.

And don’t you worry about me. I figured it out eventually.
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