JVX 2015: event photography

Last week I took a step out of my personal branding hat and went into a very broad, general branding photography role for Milana Leshinsky and Rich German who together run Joint Venture Insider Circle. They planned Joint Venture Experience, an event for over 300 coaches, authors, and speakers looking to find JV partners to further each others businesses.

personal branding photos for maiyah olivas

In addition to photographing a personal branding session for my new client Maiyah Olivas while there, I photographed the three-day event. If you follow me on Instagram you saw a small sampling of my week at Hotel Irvine, one of the more beautiful hotels I’ve photographed in a while.

It was three days of learning, making connections, and high emotions for many as they pitched their products and programs. I’ve included a small sampling of my favorite high points above and a slideshow below that highlights the event. At the heart of any work I do is the story. Whether it’s a personal branding session documenting the finer points of what it feels like to work with you, the behind the scenes of jewelry creation, or a conference that might just be the stepping stone to a new career, it’s the story at the heart for which I search. Sometimes that’s a tiny bit raw, others it’s as simple as an expansive conference room with all eyes quietly, earnestly pointing in the same direction.

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