Kathy Peterman’s Personal Branding Success Story

KATHY PETERMAN: My Best YearMinimalist Kathy Peterman has been blogging about the third chapter of her life for the last three years. She recently launched a yearly program, My Best Year, to help women find balance and super-charged simplicity. Making less of an impact on this earth is a passion of hers and I can only hope her ideas expand.targeting marketing through branding photospersonal branding strategist photographs the business you want ttargeting marketing through branding photospersonal branding photos by britneygardner.comtargeting marketing through branding photospersonal branding photos by britneygardner.compersonal branding photos by britneygardner.comKathy Peterman helps women create a life that is simple, intentional and soulful with her program, My Best Year.

Like many entrepreneurs out there, Kathy’s business evolved from doing things she loved. While that worked in the beginning, the homespun look of her website no longer fit her vision.

Kathy found me after seeing a friend’s photos and specifically liked it because I captured that person’s spirit and spunk. I love hearing that, because that’s exactly what we did for Kathy as well: capture her spirit. Her love for a whole, well-rounded life with intention. Her appreciation of texture, of character, and simplicity which stretched me as a photographer.

Personally, talking with her was a joy while we photographed and she introduced me to the best new tea I’ve had in years! Portland Rose City Chai, I’m coming for ya. (Thank you so much for your generosity in introducing it to me, Kathy.)