personal branding exploration through your know like and trust f

Killing Your Know, Like & Trust Factor #017

personal branding exploration through your know like and trust f

Host Britney Gardner talks about the subtle ways in which you may be damaging your know, like and trust factor through a personal story.



  • Britney tells a personal story from her school days about how competition pushed her to excel past her natural talent limitations.
  • What to do (or what not to do) when you realize that no matter how much you practice you won’t be #1.
  • When you aren’t trying hard and do just enough to get by, you kill your KLT factor.
  • Once you realize this, you’ll see your “heroes” falling down everywhere.
  • Britney discusses how timing and messaging play together in your brand authority.
  • Planning out your brand + posting schedule gives you the flexibility to have a life and a business that thrive together.
  • Sending surveys to your target market allow you to gain content your audience really wants to hear.
  • How to formulate your content using words that already build trust in your audience.
  • What kinds of photos to use in both the startup phases and ramping up phases of business.
  • Why you can’t ignore social media if you want to build or expand your business.



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Music by Michael De La Torre. Thanks, Mikey!