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a show about using content & personal branding to build a warm audience of happy buyers

Welcome to The Know, Like & Trust Show, a podcast where we explore the world of personal branding and how to build your know like and trust factor up for ultimate business success. Your host is Britney Gardner, a national brand strategist and award-winning  photographer.

the know, like & trust show

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Nominate a guest for the show

Do you have marketing knowledge that leads to great discussions? Or have you gone through a personal branding experience and learned something along the way?

Nominate yourself or a trusted colleague!

We’re always looking for guests that can provide:

  • tactical techniques to build your brand in the online business space (fluff and general topics need not apply)
  • personal branding stories that provide real-world lessons on overcoming the ups and downs of branding a service-based business online
  • please have a story or lesson with three takeaways that online service-based businesses can apply

Most recent episodes:

Two Content Strategists, Same Goal

For the very first time on the Know, Like & Trust Show, another content strategist is joining me. Abby Herman is here today to chat about the importance of listening to your audience and creating the ideal content journey from

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Under Promise, Over Deliver #148

Today we’re going to talk about the “under promise and over deliver” cliché, but we’re going to be talking about it through the lens of the Know, Like & Trust factor. You’ll learn how to shape your audience’s perception of

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Action Cures Fear #147

Welcome to today’s episode, today we’re going to be talking about everyone’s favorite topic, Imposter Syndrome, and how you can move through it with action and cure your fears. Topics discussed in this episode: The two layers of Imposter Syndrome

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I regularly guest on other shows on topics such as:

  • the mindset behind showing up
  • how you can damage your personal brand and kill your KLT factor without realizing it
  • how to stand out on social media
  • building authority with a personal brand

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