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a show about using content marketing to build a warm audience of happy buyers

Welcome to The Know, Like & Trust Show.

We are the content rebels. We’ve got zero time for busy work that masquerades as marketing. And we’re done with losing the impact of our big message to satisfy some SEO or silly, social media algorithm rules.

This is a show about marketing for established solo-ish entrepreneurs who want to build real relationships with clients online.

Join me each week as we make your content WORK for you.

Your host is Britney Gardner, a content strategist and creator of Uncommon Content.

the know, like & trust show

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Nominate a guest for the show

Do you have content or marketing knowledge that leads to great discussions? Or have you gone through a marketing experience and learned something along the way (especially if you learned something not to do!)?

We’re always looking for guests that can provide:

  • tactical techniques to build your brand in the online business space (fluff and general topics need not apply)
  • content or marketing stories with analogies or client successes that really drive the point home
  • please have a story or lesson with three takeaways that online service-based businesses can apply

Most recent episodes:

  • Maximize Your Content: AI Tools for Smart Repurposing Strategies

    Maximize Your Content: AI Tools for Smart Repurposing Strategies

    How To Create More Time For Your Life Without Compromising Your Business Your business should support your life, not the other way around. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on non-content-related activities lately, like painting and gardening. I’m exploring acrylics, oil pastels, and mixed media on canvas, and I’m absolutely loving it. I…

  • Authority Opinions: Building Authority & Impactful Content Creation

    Authority Opinions: Building Authority & Impactful Content Creation

    Before I delve into this topic, let me say that I’ve discussed authority content before – three years ago, to be precise. And while I still stand by that episode on crafting an authority opinion, I believe it’s time to add to it. So let’s dive into building authority opinions, why we create them, and…

  • Random Acts of Content

    Random Acts of Content

    Ah, Random Acts of Content – or as it’s commonly known, Spray and Pray Posting. I’ve spent a fair amount of time discussing the absolute and utter perils of this approach–and this article won’t be a flip on that. In fact, the first pillar of the Uncommon Content framework emphasizes mapping out your content, which…

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I regularly guest on other shows on topics such as:

  • the mindset behind showing up
  • how you can damage your personal brand and kill your KLT factor without realizing it
  • how to stand out on social media with thought leadership content
  • building authority with an evergreen content plan