The Know Like & Trust Show – Podcast

a show about using content & personal branding to build a warm audience of happy buyers

Welcome to The Know, Like & Trust Show, a podcast where we explore the world of personal branding and how to build your know like and trust factor up for ultimate business success. Your host is Britney Gardner, a content strategist and creator of The BE SEEN Method.

the know, like & trust show

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Nominate a guest for the show

Do you have marketing knowledge that leads to great discussions? Or have you gone through a personal branding experience and learned something along the way?

Nominate yourself or a trusted colleague!

We’re always looking for guests that can provide:

  • tactical techniques to build your brand in the online business space (fluff and general topics need not apply)
  • personal branding stories that provide real-world lessons on overcoming the ups and downs of branding a service-based business online
  • please have a story or lesson with three takeaways that online service-based businesses can apply

Most recent episodes:

  • Conscious Launches with Sage Polaris #203

    Conscious Launches with Sage Polaris #203

    This week on the podcast, we’re talking with Sage Polaris, the Conscious Launch Strategist, and Copy Coach. She shares her story of creating a healthy launching environment around herself and her team. In addition, she explains the best organizational tips and tricks to succeed in your launching strategy. Do you ever feel like you’re doing … Read more

  • The One Where I Fired My Husband #202

    The One Where I Fired My Husband #202

    Hey there everybody, today on the Know, Like & Trust Show, we are discussing the moment when I decided to outsource all podcast-related tasks to my podcast producer and by that, I mean everything. I even fired my husband, who did fantastic and free audio editing. Tune in to hear the whole story! Topics discussed … Read more

  • Offers & Small Audiences with Racheal Cook #201

    Offers & Small Audiences with Racheal Cook #201

    This week on the podcast, we are talking with Racheal Cook, an MBA-trained business growth strategist and founder of The CEO Collective. She shares her story of leaving the corporate world and starting her own business. She also explains how to get real conversation rates to decide which marketing strategy will work for you. In … Read more

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I regularly guest on other shows on topics such as:

  • the mindset behind showing up
  • how you can damage your personal brand and kill your KLT factor without realizing it
  • how to stand out on social media
  • building authority with a personal brand