Eleni and the LBD

“But what will I wear?”

Oh do I hear that often! I’ve even said it myself from time to time. The blunt answer is the easiest – whatever makes you feel great! But often times I think that only scratches the surface. Eleni came with a small collection of remarkable dresses, and I’m admittedly only focusing on one here because when all else fails, a little black dress will always work for any situation. It definitely works for Eleni’s modern women’s portraits.

I adore the quiet mix of expressions as she moved for me. A little sass here, an open vulnerability there. Eleni, I think you’re incredibly beautiful. And the range of emotion on your face is striking. And most importantly, thank you for letting me in and showing me your true self!

Eleni and the LBD – it somehow fits a knowing smirk in one portrait, calm confidence as she faces me in the next. It fits the slightly self-conscious chuckle in that other image and molds to her curves just as well as her hands in all of them. I’m not even sure which is my favorite because I like them all for very different reasons.

But if I had to choose? She shimmers in black and white. It’d be one of those.

When in doubt, always bring a black dress. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. I think that a glamorous portrait of a woman in a LBD is always so lovely and tasteful. Britney – you have brought out her beauty in them. I adore the two black and white – just timeless.

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