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Episode 009’s guest Brandon Gaston does an incredible job of separating fashion and style and telling how each apply to the average person’s life. He offers an outstanding take on the psychology behind your appearance, both from the perspective of those who see you and how you see yourself. Listen in for more elaboration on a case study that overcomes common misconceptions about wardrobe styling and ends in an on-the-spot job offer and learn what it means to “act as if.”

Brandon Gaston is the founder and creative director for LifeSTYlest, a Portland based image and lifestyle consulting firm.  After over 10 years in the merchant services industry, 7 of which as owning his own company which he still operates, he decided to create LifeSTYLest to help professionals and corporations improve their professional wardrobe image and achieve brand congruency. 

His rare combination of entrepreneurial skills, along with participating and being involved in every aspect of a fashion show not only provides valuable experience but also the ability to understand first-hand how each component comes together to produce a successful event. In a client relationship he offers anything from wardrobe consultation to in-office branding presentations for companies.


  • Bridging the gap between the fashion world and the entrepreneurial space
  • How to apply style to someone’s LIFEstyle
  • Brandon discusses how he gets to know a client to create their own unique style assessment
  • How to transition an outfit from business to casual or day to night
  • The secret of the third piece: that extra thing that sets you apart from everyone else in the room
  • How Brandon addresses common misconceptions about styling.
  • The flip side psychology of fashion: is it you or is it them?
  • When you feel better about yourself you’re more confident and that projects outward.
  • How the “act as if” concept applies to your appearance
  • Proof your appearance affects your attitude: the last time you spilled something down your shirt and had to wear it all day.
  • Brandon talks about the effect of personal branding on your life, from business to friends online
  • Why make your success a harder uphill battle?
  • Whether you’re in corporate or freelance or at home, people notice how you act and look.
  • If your skillset is at a certain level, why would you not want your personal brand to match that level?
  • Brandon’s biggest personal style secret: the one thing you can do while buying on sale clothing to make you look amazing.



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