Live Boldly

I’m one of those people that usually has an annoying number of tabs open in my web browser. Confession time: right now there are fourteen open. And that’s not uncommon. Granted, my husband usually has 30 and it makes me feel clean and minimalistic just looking at his computer, but…

That’s not the point of this post. I’m here to remind myself to live boldly. And it’s all due to this article. It’s been an open tab on my browser since last November, more than half a year ago. There was one brief moment in which my browser crashed, probably in January. And I started freaking out for a moment until I remembered texting the link to a friend and went scrolling back in our text history for weeks till I found it again. So now I have it savedin Evernote. I’ve shared it on Facebook, both on my wall and in private groups. But I’ve never shared this.

It is this article that made me take the next step with BGP. I was half a year into the business, still dealing with an entire year of wedding editing and blogging and album designing. And though in my heart I knew I needed to take a major step out of Turn Loose the Art and into Britney Gardner Photographer, I hadn’t yet made that leap. I hadn’t really even done more than a few small steps here and there, truthfully. I had a lot going on from running TLTA to managing a three year old and it was easy to push my dream aside, little by little. I’d just finished a successful breakthrough talk at a wedding photography convention on writing! It wasn’t even about photographing women, helping them find their fullest potential, anything related. And then I read this article.

I wasn’t living boldly. I was waiting for a sign. I definitely had uncommunicated expectations and wasn’t letting go.

Things have changed in the last year, most for the better. I keep the article open as a reminder to live life fully. And as a reminder that I’m always worth it, always pushing for the next dream. I will live boldly.

This little business of mine is taking off into new territory and it’s exciting.

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