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Whether you're a master of branding or a new business owner just trying to figure out what to do first, you know there are holes in your business you need to fill. But, where do you focus your attention first? I've designed a guide and checklist to give you the info you need to brand up to the next level.

The fun part of branding for me is seeing results for my clients! I showcase client successes and case studies in my newsletter along with profiles of what great people are doing.

The semi-regular newsletter showcases the best branding case studies, action tips you can take to uplevel your branding, and answers questions about how to make sure your web presence is cohesive enough to build trust in your community.

“Britney guided me from start to finish and the result was photos that truly represent me to my clients. She showed her genius when moving me, lighting me, and paying attention to small details…all the while keeping it fun and relaxed. All I had to do was show up and be me. My photos show her talent using the camera to connect me to my audience. My website traffic shows the same hit count, but now I have great clients booking me on the first visit.”