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And since we’ve got that whole thing squared away, I want to invite you to a fantastic place, Brandscape Central. It’s free, so you can feel safe clicking away. And it’s packed with value, so if your budget is, shall we say, a smidgen under Marty Byrde’s in that very first episode of Ozark… you’re still able to brand away.

At the time I wrote this page, I had five free bribes gifts hanging out, ready for you to use to make some waves.

If free isn’t your style, there are also recordings of past programs and workshops on everything from how to write a social media post that not only stops the scroll, but stops your viewer so long they finish sucking down their matcha latte all the way to a complete brand overhaul, soup to nuts. (Can we talk about that soup to nuts phrase? Because I need a better one. Taking requests…)

And if you just want to know what the heck brandscape means, go read this post, The Brandscape Method.


(and far more productive than your latest Netflix binge, unless it was Down to Earth, in which case, well done!)