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Today’s show focuses on marketing with your personality and how to use it to overcome limiting beliefs many have around the entire idea of marketing. My guest Isabella von Philippovich is a personal branding and marketing strategist and founder of Business With Personality. It is her mission to help entrepreneurs enhance their business and marketing with uniqueness, authenticity and personality. Having made the move from being a public person in her career as a managing director in the tourism industry to now a business owner of her personal branding and marketing strategy company, she knows first-hand the challenges of stepping outside one’s comfort zone to be publicly visible.
From new business founders to already successful entrepreneurs and celebrities, she works with people who want to overcome the uncomfortable feeling of being in the public eye. She is passionate about supporting people at all levels, in exploring their inherent strengths and in building foundations for personal success.


  • Why business with personality is the opposite of marketing within a bland template
  • Isabella’s definition of personal branding
  • The reasons one marketing blueprint don’t fit all clients.
  • If you really want a long term, sustainable, successful business, show what sets you apart.
  • It’s easier to move forward in business when you’re aligned with your message in your own words.
  • Believing marketing is negative is a limiting belief.
  • Isabella’s take on how fear of being seen or judged affects our businesses.
  • To market authentically, you need to know is who you are and what you stand for.
  • Being personal in your brand isn’t sharing what you do from morning to evening, it’s what you stand for you in your personality.
  • Isabella dishes on misconceptions around authenticity.
  • Let people know you’re human to build authentic relationships.
  • As we evolve, our brand evolves as well so you’re allowed to change, but your core values won’t reverse.


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