your know like and trust factor applies to high end programs and

The Marketing and Mindset of High-End Offers with Jillian Lama #023

your know like and trust factor applies to high end programs and

Jillian and I talk about the three things that matter most when marketing high-end offers, and she’s got the chops to talk about it!

Jillian Lama is a Marketing Strategist & Mindset Coach for ambitious, sexy as hell coaches and consultants who have guts & goals, are ready to screw business as usual, and make a killer living online doing what they love. My specialty is creating ridiculously effective sales systems that do the selling for you, so you can stop running yourself ragged, and start leveraging your time to bring the RIGHT clients towards you. (The paying kind.)

Building a business isn’t for the weak – you’re either playing to win or playing to not-lose. I play to win.



  • How Jillian fell into the topic of selling without sleaze
  • Turning a potential foreign embassy career into a cake lady business
  • Jillian gives a run down on how she found her passion in teaching entrepreneurs to build service-based businesses
  • Your personality and energy and willingness to stand up for one thing and against another is your brand
  • Falling into the pit of wanting to please everyone, but it diminishes your branding
  • We both discuss how gaining a list subscriber is not gaining a client
  • Jillian tells us why we can’t speak to everybody and how that boosts referrals
  • How Jillian outlines the best client with psychographics
  • When in doubt, check out your email inbox to figure out the qualities you like and attract
  • Put your personality out there in a big way, and then release your teaching in layers to build your client up
  • Ultimately, it’s listening that makes the high end offers work
  • Jillian talks about her own example of releasing information in layers




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Music by Michael De La Torre. Thanks, Mikey!

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