Creating clever and engaging content is great–but only when it actually brings clients in the door.

Likes and shares are great. Truly, they make us feel wonderful with a lovely little dopamine hit. But I want them to do more and take on some of the heavy lifting in your business, delivering a consistent stream of perfect-match clients.

The data doesn’t lie.

That’s why first we make the content, then we measure. Once we know what’s working, we multiply.

My approach is rooted in bringing strategy, copywriting and design together to get you measurable results. I call this authentic, automated marketing, and when you work with me you get a unique blend of strategic + creative skills that few service providers have. (You can thank my INTJ and Enneagram 8 for that as I know exactly how to ask the right questions to make sure your content delivers.)

I provide the following:

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content strategy

Likes and shares make us feel good, but are they bringing clients in the door?

Creating an authentic, automated marketing plan for your business depends on a content strategy that’s organized, on-brand, and most importantly–

But it doesn’t have to be! 

As a course creator or blogger, the neverending hamster wheel of content creation seems to be Public Enemy #1. 

It needs to meet your audience where THEY’RE at.

services offered:

  • content measurement dashboards
  • content organization systems
  • 120-Day content plans
  • social media research and graphic templates


Client must be willing to show up!

No, but really… this is for everyone.

The Tl;dr of Content Measurement


A Well-Rounded Social media presence

content calendar

Post Templates created for your unique business

Always having a graphic ready to go with a social media post. Always being ready with the next great post to hook your audience.

social media templates for coaches
social media templates for service businesses
social media templates for small biz owners
social media nurturing graphics
social media nurturing graphics for coaches
service business social media nurturing graphics
social media templates for funnels
funnel design social media templates
sales funnel graphic templates

marketing dashboards

Data never lies when you know how to ask the right questions

Setting up a funnel dashboard like this or a dashboard to measure what content WORKS for your biz isn’t for a business newbie.

Here’s a marketing dashboard I created to measure a giveaway I participated in–so I could see if it’s a activity I wanted to repeat:

walkthrough of a funnel dashboard


Regular traffic coming to your website, funnel, or content

email copywriting

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the right words are worth all the pictures

Messaging. Everything comes down to messaging and the words you use are a huge part of that. 

Words can deny, words can call in… but most of all, you want your words to make your audience feel something!

From curiosity-invoking subject lines to upsell sequences that double your conversions, I’ve got ya covered.

 Email sequences | Sales Page copy | Ad copy


An existing business with something to sell.

marketing strategy

a strategic, 30,000-foot view

My most popular offer is the Content GPS Intensive. 

Why? Every business owner needs a strategic, 30,000-foot view of their online world to ensure everything connects. 

You need to answer the question: do your offers make sense from a client journey perspective? Is the content you’re creating leading your audience to those offers? Do your offers “play well” with your other marketing efforts?

The Content GPS Intensive is a two-hour deep dive into your business. Together we cover your goals for the next few quarters and beyond, audit your current content strategy, and create or review your content buckets. After the intensive, I deliver a comprehensive marketing report and you have Voxer access for questions and implementation for 30 days after report delivery.

*Most clients pair this with a content measurement dashboard.

Starting at $1500

looking for something else?

If you ask pretty-please and ply me with dairy-free ice cream, sometimes I can still help you with other services such as full funnel or tech automation buildouts–especially if you’re a strong referral. Here’s the portfolio for that.