What Can a Content Measurement Dashboard Do For You?

There are bountiful things you can find out with data–but it all depends on asking the right questions. And it all depends on knowing your goals. Are you building an audience and striving for viral posts and shares? Or are you driving traffic to a new content membership for your VIPs?

Demo Content Measurement Dashboard

Want to see a content ROI tool with demo data? Here’s a dashboard with several of the social media platforms I can measure for you. (Download PDF)

demo content ROI dashboard

Here are a few case uses:

Building a YouTube presence

For a fitness duo driving traffic towards online fitness programs, we’re watching WHICH content gets the most play, and which content pushes traffic towards sales pages:

youtube watch time
you tube traffic

How many click-throughs are you getting from your Instagram profile to your various programs and pages?

If you’re building an audience and your focus is on saves or shares, we can create a visual data representation showing the engagement level and share level of your content. Likewise, if you’re pushing traffic towards your profile link or links from stories, we can measure that, too.

how many clicks on instagram
instagram engagement

There are also practical things to know

It’s always good to know if people are hitting old, broken links–and it’s good information to know the most popular pages on your site.

  • Is a particular page’s traffic up 50% over last month? What changed?
  • Are some page’s traffic stats dropping? Are they no longer relevant or does the content need updating?
  • Do you have old social links directing to broken links? This is a key to create a redirect link to direct them to the newer page link or a related link if you haven’t updated the page.
broken link report
top pages report

Ready to get the best reporting on your content ROI?