the million dollar woman and her live event

Yael Rose went from organizing chocolate festivals to launching her own coaching business, and along the way she had to confront some of her own visibility issues. We talk about the mindset she used to overcome these issues and how that led to her upcoming event in June: Million Dollar Woman Live.

Yael Rose had been in the events industry for 14 years when she crashed and burned. She took a big risk in her business and failed miserably. Hitting rock bottom meant she started searching for help in areas she previously felt she was ‘OK’. This journey led to her taking coaching and signing up to a high level programme with a world-renowned mentor. She discovered that having a community of women around her helps her feel supported and achieve greater things. Yael feels strongly that no woman should feel alone in business, and that given the right tools, anyone can achieve the life of their dreams. Giving other women the chance to hear her favorite speakers live is a big part of her vision.


  • I first noticed Yael from a collection of beautifully branded photos that she didn’t want to use in promotion
  • How Yael justified investing in herself and her business even after already racking up debt
  • The power and the stumbling points of vulnerability surrounding a personal branding photo shoot
  • When you come from a background where you’re IN the background, it feels different to be front and center
  • The moment Yael knew it was time to leave chocolate behind and start using the knowledge between her ears
  • Overcoming her fear by asking, “How can I serve greatly?”
  • We all live in fear of judgment but most people want to cheer us on. Give them a chance to start a lovefest!
  • How consistency and branding walk hand in hand to create a following and the trust factor
  • Developing the muscle of awareness and paying attention to what you think
  • Why she created the Million Dollar Woman event to give women an even playing field
  • Showing women there is a new way of doing business
  • Why women tend to integrate the personal into business more often, and business-focused events often give the tools to succeed in both
  • What attendees can learn at Million Dollar Woman Live
  • How “Be Million Dollar” makes you feel



Million Dollar Woman Live

The Six Appeal Process

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert


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