You’re a beautiful woman. Yes! beautiful and giving, savvy and vivacious. But lately, you’re not feeling like yourself. And maybe that has something to do with just finding a half-spilled tube of that one foolproof lipgloss and a really old parking ticket buried in your purse. You see everyone else around you living life confidently and you yearn to have that feeling back again. And you just know you’re a step away, that you used to be in that group, too.

I can change that feeling. I can help you get back to the person you used to be so you can move forward, let your inner beauty radiate and feel beautiful. Let’s schedule a time for you back into your calendar. Allow yourself a makeover, a little girl time and a collection of exquisite portraits to remind yourself of how you can be. Next time you’re already rushing to make a meeting and realize your gas tank is dancing near the dreaded E, you can still walk into the room with a pep in your step.

Very soon, another woman will look at you, too, and say, “She’s breathtaking. What’s her secret?”

She’s Breathtaking.

What’s her secret?

before and afters from a modern beauty portrait
glamour portraits in portland oregon

Modern Beauty Portraits

Beauty sessions are where this business began. I believe with 100% of my heart that if you don’t feel good about yourself, you cannot excel in every other area of your life. Beauty isn’t vanity – it’s confidence and self-worth and purpose all rolled into one. And you are worthy of beauty!

Come in for a makeover and modern glamour photoshoot. Because I know what you worry about and what makes you feel good. Let’s get together to embrace the soft things around you and help bring on that change you’re looking for. Let’s just enjoy a little “me” time. I’m all about a marvelous experience for women of all ages.

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modern beauty portraits in portland oregon

  • hand-crafted fine art prints on german paper
  • folio filled with fine art prints
  • portland glamour photographer, portland women portraits
  • fine art album of beauty portraits
  • printed product in presentation envelope

The Printed Product

I believe in the printed product. No matter the reason you came to me, you’ll leave feeling complete. In the days and weeks ahead, you’ll have an extra pep in your step, all from feeling honored and cared for during my time with you.

Jump a few months down the road, a year even. When you rush past the sideboard on the way to (yet) another coffee refill, you’ll pause just a moment. What is that catching your eye? It’s the light reflecting off your hand-printed fine art portrait. When you placed it there near the couch, you felt a bit awkward, but now you know – you made the right decision. It’s been a long day and it’s only just begun… but you have a bit of a lift in your spirit, a smile tugging on the corner of your lips as you remember. You are beautiful and powerful and can accomplish it all.

beauty portraits in oregon
beauty portraits in portland oregon
portland glamour photographer, portland women portraits

Day in and day out, I don’t feel very glamourous. I know there was a time I rocked my own brand of femininity. But most days, I feel like just another mother – pick one out of the checkout counter at Whole Foods. I wake up, I drink my tea latte, I think about exercising, I start working… and suddenly it’s dinner time and I’m dealing with trying to potty train my two year old while simultaneously cook something healthy for dinner.

Towards the end of 2013 my husband and I were invited to a wedding. First… excitement! As wedding photographers, we’d only ever photographed weddings together and never attended one as guests together. And then, creeping up and over that excitement… complete and utter dread. I haven’t attended a wedding as a guest in years, and black tie? Geez, what would I even wear? And there’s no way I could get away without wearing heels to this thing, ouch! And of course… the 10 lbs I’ve been meaning to lose popped up quickly at the beginning of the following thoughts. All of them.

And then it changed. I bought an amazing sexy dress that I didn’t quite feel comfortable wearing but adored anyway. A bunch of us had our makeup applied by a pro, my hair actually obeyed for the day; I looked amazing so of course I took a few selfies and splashed them all over Instagram.[/column]

But even better? A photographer friend of ours also attending the wedding took a wonderful photo of my husband and I and it now hangs on our wall. I felt like the woman I’ve always been, amplified.

I rode that high for weeks. I relished not only that single day, but the days, the weeks after. A touch felt a bit more like a caress. I noticed the happy, positive words flowing around me more than those other words. I didn’t always feel like the mama that forgot to shower because I was so busy with playgroups and OMSI visits- even when that’s exactly what happened. Having those photos are everything to me when I’m having a rough teething-toddler day. And they’re worth even more on a normal, average day when everything is going alright but I just can’t motivate myself to be more.

And so I started thinking, why can’t I offer this to everyone else? Every woman I know goes through these valleys when they can’t see their own beauty. I want  you to appreciate the beauty I–and everyone else–already see in you. I can offer you a way back to the woman you’ve always been, just forgotten a little along the way. And like me, you can ride that high again, every time you look at your beauty portraits.

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