Modern Beauty Portraits: Sherry

Sherry booked me two months in advance. Two months for me to dream of ways to photograph her, to help her share her inner beauty with the rest of the world. She’s a woman I’ve known for over five years and that certainly led to a certain comfortability in front of the camera – an openness I loved seeing before my lens. To paraphrase some of the words she shared just after we finished shooting, she hasn’t been feeling herself lately. She’s let a few things slide. She’s a busy mother of one high-schooler and one college-aged daughter, she’s a business owner and she’s a wife. And she knows how important it is to take care of herself but hasn’t been investing enough time in honoring her own needs.

That changed on this day. It’s so important, and yet we women often forget and put ourselves last. Kids, husband, work, house… then us. Sometimes you just need a little push, the smallest of nudges to remember. You’re a beautiful, giving woman. And if you put yourself first just every so often, you’ll remember how it is that you CAN actually manage all the rest around you. The makeover and the photoshoot are fun, uplifting; the beauty portraits I print for you are a reminder of this. And they will trickle down into every other area of your life as you move forward. For me, it’s a extra pep in my step. And I’m so, so excited to be a part of that for Sherry.