Ah Keats! I’ve known this lovely lady for several years and we always seem to come together at major life events and end up talking into the wee hours over several bottles of wine. I’ve always thought there’s pretty much nothing good that can come from a photo shoot the morning after multiple bottles of red… until Keats. She just proved we can absolutely make something stunning the morning after!

She’s such an amazing woman with a sweet spirit that shines. You can’t help but love her. She also, by the way, has the best online dating stories of anyone I’ve ever heard. She can easily have an entire dinner party laughing in stitches and she delivers the stories in a perfect mix of quiet and exasperation. And I can’t imagine how she possibly as such a collection of these stories because any guy not sweeping her off her feet for good is an idiot! But… back to the portraits. For reference? I can’t even decide which modern glamour portrait is my favorite of her. I like them all for different reasons, some because you can see a little knowing smirk and others because she just glows. She rocked this session like nobody’s business and I’m so excited to share her modern women’s portraits with her.