Modern Women’s Portraiture

Mothers and daughter portraits are some of my favorite subjects in the world of photographing women. I like photographing multiple together just as much as photographing women alone, but the relationship between mothers and daughters is one that I always enjoy. It’s probably a result of being one of three daughters in my own family and loving the female bond! Modern women’s portraiture is a joy, because it can go in so many directions. And photographing a family together and then each women individually just provides more variety as a service to you, the wonderful women that come into my studio and trust me to help you feel beautiful.

Patricia works in a similar business to me and shares my goal of helping women feel beautiful. In fact, she’s the Makeover Mentor and helps women with a makeup and skincare makeover with Mary Kay! So it was doubly fun to photograph her and her daughters and aid in that goal for them. Watching Carasandra, Patricia’s youngest, come alive in front of the camera was especially thrilling. She’s a self-proclaimed tomboy and suddenly loved playing in the girly world! How’s that for a little foray into the world of modern glamour portraits?

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