Mother Daughter Portraits I

I asked Crystal some time ago if she was interested in my new project and I’m so glad she jumped at the chance for mother daughter portraits! Sydney and Jocelyn were up for the challenge as well so they all came bundling into the home studio with a few new purchases and excited for a little pampering time. Finishing these images for them makes me happy!

Crystal and I talked about her daughters quite a bit when she came back in to view the photos this week. Sydney is at that teen stage when sarcasm takes the place of anything that might be vulnerable and uncomfortable (oh do I remember going through this myself!), so I’m so glad I created some images that really capture her quiet beauty between the goofing around. In fact, I’m really flipping happy about the few of her alone! Jocelyn… is young and thankfully has no awareness of her body yet. And she just did whatever we asked with gusto. It was such a joy to photograph all three of these ladies in different ways, alone and together.

My favorite image from the day, as usual, ends up being one in which they’re not all looking directly at me but reacting to each other. That is what family is all about after all!