Nurture email sequences & freebies that sell

Everyone talks about building an email list, but what do you say to your people once they’ve subscribed? That’s the big question Kate Doster and I discuss in this episode on good email writing, nurture sequences, and freebies that actually make sense.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • We start off by talking about how the subscriber doesn’t know if your list has 100 or a million people
  • Why it’s a privilege to be on your email list
  • How to use your freebie as a gatekeeper so people with the right attitude are on your list
  • Kate describes her “yeah but” principle
  • The difference between a welcome series and an email funnel
  • Kate highlights the types of emails that work in both welcome sequences and funnel emails
  • Kate shares her two biggest pet peeves in email
  • We discuss great ways to boost engagement in email sequences
  • Why your open rate really doesn’t matter
  • Selling to a small list
  • We each share an email subject line that gets a lot of reaction



You hear a lot in the online marketing space, you’ve got to build a list, you got to build a list, but then no one ever tells you what to do with this list.

There are people [on your list] and they have no idea if they are one of 100 or one of 1 million. And so you need to treat them like an actual person, and you need to show up for them.

People go to their inboxes to escape.

You need to always answer the question, what’s in it for them?

I guarantee you that we said something in this podcast that you will not implement unless you give me or Britney money. Because the second that you do, you are now invested, and you will now do more of what we say.

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Music by Michael De La Torre. Thanks, Mikey!