Nurture email sequences & freebies that sell

Everyone talks about building an email list, but what do you say to your people once they’ve subscribed? That’s the big question Kate Doster and I discuss in this episode on good email writing, nurture sequences, and freebies that actually make sense.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • We start off by talking about how the subscriber doesn’t know if your list has 100 or a million people
  • Why it’s a privilege to be on your email list
  • How to use your freebie as a gatekeeper so people with the right attitude are on your list
  • Kate describes her “yeah but” principle
  • The difference between a welcome series and an email funnel
  • Kate highlights the types of emails that work in both welcome sequences and funnel emails
  • Kate shares her two biggest pet peeves in email
  • We discuss great ways to boost engagement in email sequences
  • Why your open rate really doesn’t matter
  • Selling to a small list
  • We each share an email subject line that gets a lot of reaction



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