Pacific Pie Co Brand Photos with Sarah

Picture this: the date is set, and then your client suggests bringing pies to the studio shoot… because after all, she makes a helluva good collection of pies! And then at the end of the personal brand photos session, she offers to leave some pie behind for your enjoyment. And your first thought is, “oh boy does my husband love pie!” That’s the kind of wonderful woman Sarah is, spreading the joy of blackberry pie everywhere she goes.

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I first met Sarah a couple years ago. She catered part of our friends Bryan + Justin’s wedding and they couldn’t stop raving about her and Chris and all things Pacific Pic Co. That both they and my husband remained friends with Bryan and Justin long after their wedding is a testament to the kind of people B+J gather around them. Since that night a few years ago, we’ve gone from Cards Against Humanity nights with them all to themed birthday parties, getting to know Sarah a little bit more along the way.

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While in hair and makeup, Sarah just kind of threw it out there, than in addition to the pies she brought a couple of options from collection of aprons. She loves the visual style of the 50’s housewife and enjoys wearing them around the house when baking in her own home environment. It was the perfect way to inject a little extra personal branding into her session.

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