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Jenna Soard of You Can Brand shares branding trials and successes, ranging everywhere from the time she struggled immensely with her own brand right on through her first six-figure course launch. She’s a design fanatic, branding expert and recently inspired blogger who takes experience as a college professor and designer at Nike to entrepreneurs looking to control and build their own brand. We cover all manner of topics in and around branding design and photo shoots and she’s got a few stellar nuggets on how to hire the right branding photographer for YOU. And she just might have some very emphatic opinions on the WordPress vs. Squarespace debate as well…



  • Jenna starts out by talking about her nurture email funnel sequence and I talk about how well it works!
  • The process of creating your own brand can be painful, even as a brand designer
  • When you go into these things without a really clear strategy, then you can’t get a website or photoshoot that will lead people to want to work with you
  • Survey people who are suffering from the problem you’d like to solve to get that clear strategy
  • Why emulating others’ photos doesn’t serve you and how to own your own unique self
  • How Ad Sense relates to a constantly evolving brand
  • The entire reason Jenna has developed her brand and course is so clients have a direction before they come to a designer, so they know what they’re about
  • How many of Jenna’s clients really want to be friends with her, and how that’s a perfect brand execution
  • Your competitive advantage is what sets you apart, so market with that!
  • Jenna skipped over Imposter Syndrome in the business sense but personally had to level up to living out her pin-up photos
  • Don’t get caught up in WordPress and tech if it’s not for you – there are other options like Squarespace!
  • A friendly reminder that overnight successes don’t exist




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