Personal Branding Photographs for Ayn Jewelry

Summer is the incredibly talented designer and owner of Ayn Jewelry. We met back in July and immediately got down to business working on her brand photography – for me an easy task as she already has so much style and her jewelry carries the brand all on its own. Her handmade, slightly rough, organic designs gave me a fun playground of inspiration!

What struck me most about Summer is the incredible detail of each piece she creates. From soldering to waxing, she hammers little details I never thought possible. Just photographing her process taught me far more about her work than I knew! I love the dark and complex nature of her workshopping in the jewelry studio.

I won’t even try to make this sound less amazing than it is. This week Summer is off to Florence to study a master jewelry and up her game in setting stones. She’s already got a dreamy collection – just wait till you see what she’s got cooked up when she returns!

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