Where you’ve been hiding…


Those who have already made it know a few little secrets.

And they know it all comes down to feelings, connection and relationships.

This is what personal branding is all about. To create, to craft connection. To recognize a feeling as a wink from the other side. You have to put YOURSELF out there to build a relationship.

Mastering your personal brand is imperative in today’s online landscape. Create a brand worth talking about with photos that show what it feels like to work with you.

introducing the badass brand

Branding isn’t just about being visible. It’s being visible to the


Who are you and what do you stand for? This is your brand positioning and it’s the WHY behind all other branding questions. Once you Master Your Message, you’ll be a beacon for the right clients to find you and follow you.

How to be your brand daily online is the next big upleveling hurdle. What do you post on social media to be visible? Being consistent in what you’re posting, emailing and talking about is what Social Media Simple Start covers so you can get back to your “real” work.

Being badass in your brand is knowing what your clients want and what they need and building services that show exactly how you fulfill that.

What image do you want to project? The Badass Brand puts it all together.




The Badass Brand

Personal branding photography is for when you depend on trust, image, and your online presence. You want to look and feel great, of course. That’s a given. But you need more than a business headshot. You want to show the world what it means to do what you do, live the way you live. You desire your potential clients to know what it feels like to work with you before they even pick up the phone.

Enter, The Badass Brand. We start with a Master Your Message VIP day to get clear on who you are, the results you offer and the best kind of client for you. Then we art direct your branding photo session to clearly tell the story of your values, the results you offer, and what it feels like to work with you. Sessions are loosely scripted but also leave room for spontaneity. It’s like scrolling through your favorite lifestyle blog and thinking, “that’s exactly what I want!” When potential clients land on your site, this is precisely what they’ll think after seeing you. “I want that. That’s who can help me!”

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Bio Photos

Some might call them corporate headshots. Not me! Because really, who said your business headshots have to be cheesy and awkward? Enter, the not-so-corporate headshot, a new breed of entry branding photos.

We’ll work together to create a few images with the perfect balance of business and beauty, of personality and professionalism. Whether your needs lie more in guest blogging or event banners, I’ve got you covered.

*All personal brand sessions also include photos you can use in lieu of a traditional business headshot.

Which is the right session for you?

Book a 25-minute strategy session phone meeting with me to find out how to freshen your photos up so they sell FOR you.

Are you ready to brand up to the next level?

All sessions include hair and makeup styling with one of my licensed hair and makeup artists. Whether you want a natural or full glam look, we’ll work with you to make sure you’re feeling the best you can be for your photos.

Not-so-corporate headshots include a short planning phone call to go over wardrobe suggestions and makeup preferences. The Badass Brand covers this in the VIP Master Your Message day.

The Badass Brand sessions also include a consultation with one of my wardrobe specialists to help choose clothing that will not only photograph well, but send the right message.


Work With Me

Already have photos you love that sell your brand in a great way but not sure how to use your brandING for your brand?

Is your brand consistent? It’s easy to get ahead of yourself. You make a few changes here and there, updating copy or adding new colors, new ideas. And suddenly your brand is mismatched. It’s no longer cohesive, no long feels like you. It leads your viewers to confusion…

Confused viewers are NOT buyers. You’ve got a few options if you suspect you’re losing sales due to brand confusion or inconsistency.

  • Connector.

    Ignite Your Brand Quickfire Challenge

    Join the 7-day free email course that walks you through designing a flourishing brand from the ground up. Accept the Challenge

  • Connector.

    Brand Audit

    You’re not a DIY person, or not sure if you’re looking at your brand with the right perspective? It’s time for your 1-on-1 Brand Audit.

  • Connector.

    Social Media Simple Start

    SMSS is a short program that teaches you how to only spend 15 minutes a day on social media living out your brand. Get back to your “real work” and still create an engaging online presence with brand visibility. Join Now



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