Strengths DNA founder on the strengths assessment and branding

Joy and I talk about strengths development and how they can play a role in your business success. She takes an MBA and a corporate background of knowledge and weaves it in with strengths branding to help her clients be the best version of them. Her journey to an entrepreneur followed her own Strengths Finder assessment, so it’s no surprise to hear her passionate story about honoring your own talents.

Joy Martinez is a Personal Strengths + Brand Coach and Owner of StrengthsDNA. She helps entrepreneurs and coaches discover and leverage their unique talents, strengths, and personal brand for business success and to find joy in their work and life. Joy provides thought-leadership, coaching, and tips for individuals, entrepreneurs, coaches, and organizations. You can connect with Joy on social media under StrengthsDNA where she provides guidance, tips, and coaching on topics such as personal strengths, personal brand, personal branding, leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, and business success.


  • Your innate talents, those things that come naturally– those are the kinds of strengths Joy starts out with.
  • It’s what makes you unique that will make you successful. The success of your business lies in your personal brand and part of your personal brand is who you are and what makes you unique.
  • Weakness fixing can prevent failure and strengths building is what leads to success.
  • Joy tells how she came to the Strengths 2.0 assessment through a toxic work environment and realized she wasn’t happy in life because she was not honoring her own strengths.
  • The difference between Cadillac and Chevy-level work.
  • She talks about how people with the same Top 5 strengths still have a huge variety in learning styles.
  • Balconies and basements, and why even your strengths have downsides.
  • Joy talks about what you need to do first, before you can delve into logos, colors and websites.
  • She tells us about what a personal brand audit would include.
  • Joy describes a personal brand as if it were a tree, to include all the moving pieces into a solid visual.
  • Putting yourself out there consistently across all platforms is one of the keys to branding.
  • Why “fluffy” branding is the key to your business success.


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