Portland Business Headshots

Yes, I photograph men too! Sometimes they come along towards the end of their partner’s session for some couple or family photos, but in this case it was all about business. I photograph Portland business headshots for men, or as I like to call them: not so corporate headshots. Ryan’s business is in the local restaurant world, so I met him at his restaurant, Oven and Shaker. He’s a well known bartender and part of the team that created Aviation Gin as well – a fact my husband loved hearing as he’s a huge fan!

Ryan prefers himself smiling so I showcased his smile in a big way. I also made much use of the restaurant as a background for the majority of his photo shoot. The decor in Oven and Shaker is top notch and I played up the bold colors of the bar. That with the character elements of his bartending apron made for a great launch pad of creativity.

If you’re looking for headshots that break the boring barrier, I’d love to collaborate with you. Contact me today for more modern options when it comes to Portland business headshots and the image you want to represent to our market!