Portland Business Headshots: Angela

Angela found herself in Portland for a time up from her coastal town and decided to make use of the time to update her business profile with my Portland business headshots while in the metro area. And I’m so glad she did! Angela is a fellow photographer and like the cobbler’s son, never seems to have photos of herself! We took the morning to pamper her a bit with hair and makeup and then go through a series of looks so she has a good variety of images from which to choose her new not so corporate headshots!

I’ve recently taken the time to do the same for myself and think it’s an absolute must for any entrepreneur that interacts with clients! Have you ever been in a situation where you show up for a meeting and don’t recognize the person you’re to meet? Even though you JUST checked out their LinkedIn profile before arriving? I’m here to help you avoid that embarrassing situation!

Update your business profile with an image that not only shows the you of today, but shows how alive you are! Show that you’re a real person with professional and contemporary photos.

Back to Angela: I’m so glad she asked to work with me! It was a great morning and I can’t wait to see how she uses these images.