Portland Glamour Portraits: Cher

Cher is a modern business woman that owns a local lifestyle magazine. She came to our shoot ready to rock it with a full wardrobe ready for a combination shoot of business headshots for her magazine profile and a modern glamour portrait session.

One of the things Cher mentioned about the session is how relieved she was I helped with posing her. At first I thought that was so surprising to hear. Why wouldn’t I help with posing? This isn’t a lifestyle session  like we do with our documentary family portraits in Portland. This is all about bringing out the best in YOU! And since most of us don’t walk around all day in a state of heightened awareness, we all need a little extra help when it comes to posing for photographs. Looking your best isn’t hard with a bit of extra help! But look at me, I’ve got awful posture and always need to be reminded when I’m on the other side of the camera, and I should know better!

So I was surprised at first to hear those words from Cher but then it all made sense. Not all photographers do this. A little prompt here and an arm adjustment there can change everything about how you look in a photograph. And that’s why you hire me. To bring out the best of the you that’s already there! That’s what Portland glamour portraits are all about after all.