Portrait Couture: Abigail & Deborah

I recently met Deborah at a networking event and within hours of arriving home again, she’d already checked out my website and liked the Facebook page. I’d say that’s a great connection from a meeting that was already wonderful! It was quite soon that we managed to find a date for her and her daughter, Abigail, to come in for a joint mother-daughter portrait session.

<h2>Portrait Couture in Portland, Oregon<h2>

I was thrilled! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying all the different types of modern glamour portraits lately, but a joint session with a mother, sister or best friend always end up being my favorites. There’s something about coming in for a bit of pampering and primping with another woman that just takes it to a whole new level. And in the case of Abigail and Deborah, it was so fun seeing how they resemble each other not only in looks (eyebrows!) but in mannerisms. I really enjoy delving into character with people and these sessions are great for that! Shaping the light was fun with them. The portrait couture styling was perfect for them as they brought in quite a bit of similar, darker clothing.

I’m looking forward to increasing the double portrait couture sessions. Who do you dream of being photographed with?