Today on the podcast, I’m excited to dive into the topic of removing your ego from your marketing.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Two concepts that you need to internalize in order to remove your ego from your marketing
  • How to troubleshoot when your launch is quiet
  • The 1% better concept
  • Using marketing and content dashboard to get data-driven marketing to aid in content creation
  • The most common challenges of data-driven marketing
  • Tips on how to do complete market research
  • How to use smart data to deliver a higher marketing ROI


The only person whose opinion matters is your best client’s.

How do you remove your ego from your marketing? You turn to the data. When you depend on the data, you have the best chance of making market-driven decisions.

Just because you love a piece of content doesn’t mean it’s going to work. If you’re not measuring data, you’ll never know if it’s really working for you.

Stop looking for approval from the wrong people — your business wasn’t built to make your mom happier.

Marginal gains aggregated over time can be huge… but we need to know where we’re starting and where we’re going first.

Resources Mentioned

To Market Your Business Online:

Navigating how to market your service business online–especially when you’re moving from 1:1 services to a 1:many model–doesn’t have to be hard even when you have a lot of moving parts.

You just have to know where you’re going. The Biz GPS Intensive is the best way to get that 30,000-foot view of your business–and a concrete plan for the next six months.

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Music by Michael De La Torre. Thanks, Mikey!