Know What to Say, Where to Say It
& How to Show Up Visually

in 45 Days

(without spending all your time on social media, sacrificing time with your current clients, or investing thousands of dollars in experts along the way)

If you’re a health and wellness provider or coach looking to move more of your business online with group programs or digital courses and gain time back for yourself, then you already know that marketing online is different than marketing in person.

You’ve already heard countless times that having a clear brand is the key to attracting clients online.

And you already know you need to fix your clients’ most pressing pain points to get noticed.

You’ve probably spent some time online trying to attract more clients and gotten lost in the shuffle… even though you know you’ve got way more experience or knowledge than the latest Insta-guru. (And really now, who's got that much time to spend on social anyway?!)

britney gardner, creator of secret to sought-out

Here's What You

Might Not Know... Yet

Even if you’ve already moved into the online space, here's what can change when you decide to look at your brand in a whole new way and make it breathe-in-and-yodel-cause-the-air-is-so-clean clear:

Make a difference in more lives (and not in the TV special way)

Even if you’re already helping your 1:1 clients and patients in meaningful ways, once you successfully move to group programs and courses online you’ll be helping hundreds instead of tens, thousands instead of hundreds. After all, that’s why you started doing this work in the first place!

Create a turnkey business

Crafting a clear brand foundation removes all the marketing guesswork and gives you a clear communication strategy so you have a rinse-and-repeat system even when you create new programs down the road.

Give you a profitable business... without all the topsy-turvy ups and downs

Becoming a known brand online moves you into a business model without the ebb and flow of in-person or 1:1 patients so that you no longer wonder when the next payday will come in. 

Get you seen already!

The key to filling online courses and group programs with ease is in your online visibility and laying a complete brand foundation delivers that visibility (without having to “be” in all the place).

Nix the brick and mortar costs & overwhelm

Moving away from the in-person business model can reduce brick and mortar costs and liability while simultaneously giving you more time freedom to travel, spend with family, and enjoy creative space–the same time freedom you’ll gain if you go from a 1:1 to a group program.

Even though the reasons to pursue a crystal-clear online brand are unmistakably obvious, the path to doing so successfully is anything but.

Get visible online? Great!

But where do I start?

Perhaps you’ve already forayed into the online world, joining a few Facebook groups along the way and even started posting in your long-dead Instagram account again (it's cool, you're not alone!).

And then you realized that Facebook group, while filled with fantastic would-be clients, is also filled with 57 bazillion other coaches offering what sounds like your exact service. 

(Heck, you’re pretty sure you recognize a few of their names from the last certification course you took!)

And you committed to posting on Instagram, but your last post only got 6 likes and no one commented on it, every though you gave a ton of free, useful information in the post.

Even with the best intentions, most would-be online entrepreneurs give up because it seems like nobody is watching… and they abandon their dream of time freedom and financial freedom.

give up

Here’s why most health and wellness pros give up on building an online business:

Without a super clear, step-by-step plan to create a communication strategy for their online business, they’re one in a sea of a million without a commanding presence (read: people actually notice you!) anywhere.

They’re lost in the weeds and feel like if no one is noticing them anyway, why bother being online at all?

give up

Here’s why most will stay in that dark place of paralyzing dejection:

You’re already a busy entrepreneur with patients or clients occupying your time, and marketing seems like something you shouldn’t have to do again. After all, you’ve already built a successful practice of one-to-one clients!

The branding that brought you to this place won’t bring you to the next.

Taking a stab at online marketing with a post here and a video there isn’t the systematic marketing strategy you need to employ.

Luckily for you, few are doing this right now.

In fact, most of your competitors are probably taking the same stab-in-the-dark approach to building an online presence attempt at marketing online.

Which means… even if you’re not the first to build an online brand, you can build a better one.

That is... if you can create a solid marketing strategy that attracts perfect-for-you clients to your programs and courses.

The 4 Myths That Are Killing Your Online Transition

(and how to overcome them)


My business is doing okay now so I’ll just do the same things online

Um. Hello? Networking at in-person events or having one-on-one sales calls are very different than filling a group program or launching a course–and the marketing strategies are different, too!

It’s a different kind of client that will hire you for a group program than a high-touch, single service. Their needs are different and their desires are different; what you say to attract them will be different, too. 

Creating an online brand geared towards this new best client of yours is key to transitioning to an online business.


I didn’t sign up to be a marketer

I get it, you’ve worked hard for the business you already have! And you didn’t work this hard to completely start over, amiright?

The good news is, you’re the same person and the knowledge and skills you bring to your clients are the same, too. And you already know how to deliver results.

Most solo-practice entrepreneurs think your knowledge is enough (and I fully acknowledge it would be soooo cool if it was). But, learning to bridge the gap between the expertise you have and getting clients to see it is what online marketing is all about.

AND once you’re rocking this spectacular online brand thing, you’ll have all the money you need to hire someone to take care of it for you!


I already have a logo and colors, so I’m ready to market online

Building a successful marketing strategy for online sales is so much more than a logo and colors–though having that locked down helps!

It’s knowing what to say, where to say it, when to say it AND how to show up visually that creates an online presence so attractive to your best clients, they can’t help but notice you.

And once they notice you? That’s when you pull them in with your expertise and fill your programs and courses with ease.


Once my online business is successful, then I’ll invest in "branding"

I hear this a lot–and I know it sounds like common sense until you realize...

The problem is that getting your business to a successful phase without having a super clear promise to your clients is nearly impossible online. There’s a lot of noise out there, and you only rise above it by being crystal clear about who you are, what you do, and who you do it for. 

And THAT, my dear emerging-brand-builder friends, is what branding is.

Laying a solid brand foundation is the first step to a successful online business transition.

Take a peek behind the (online) curtain

Even though online education is projected to hit 325 billion in a few years (Forbes), you’ll have to claim your piece of it lest others keep that lemon meringue pie goodness all to themselves.

A few will take the majority of that income; many will barely scrape by or give up completely.

The main reason for this? It’s the lack of a clear strategy to attract clients and students. Heck, the lack of a strategy at all!

However, as long as you avoid the mistakes many online entrepreneurs will make–thinking they can stick with the status quo and their time investment on branding can wait till later–you can be one of the profitable few.

You can be the one with time freedom, the one that makes a huge impact by helping others. 

The key to all of this is going from your industry’s best-kept secret to becoming a sought-after expert. To become known!

With your permission, I’d love to show you exactly how to do that.

It's here!

secret to sought-out product logo
I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from consulting on 50+ online entrepreneur’s brands and packaged it into a step-by-step brand-defining and -refining course.

“Secret to Sought-Out” is more than just a branding course: it’s a complete business strategy for online coaches and practitioners.

Yes, you’ll walk away with a communication strategy and marketing plan, but more importantly, you’ll build a brand handbook that makes all future business decisions easy no-brainers because you’ve laid the foundation for your online business.

The end result: a marketing strategy you can rinse and repeat for every program, every offer, and every launch moving forward, knowing you’ll attract clients without the stress of reinventing the wheel each time.

secret to sought-out branding course

is the only program of its kind that

  • lays a client-attracting brand foundation with my exclusive Brandscaping Method AND 
  • teaches you what to say, 
  • where to say it, 
  • and how to show up visually to sell out your next online program with ease (without feeling like a sales-y schmuck)

secret to sought-ought

This changed everything for me. You got to the core of who I was, and the brand I was developing. I didn’t have that direction before meeting you Britney. You spoke to me, and you listened to me. You treated me with dignity and respect every step of the way. You showed me how a client should be treated.

Stephanie Gilbert

So if you’re finally ready to transition more of your business into group programs and online courses that you fill with ease... 

Here’s how we’ll get you there:

Defining Your Brand Foundation

Like building a house, the most important (and often overlooked by that not in-the-know) step is laying the foundation. It’s the unsung hero of all buildings… and all businesses. 

You’ll learn the three segments of your foundation and how to define them for yourself and for clients–so you can use these words to attract more of your best clients.

Even if you’ve never marketed yourself online before, this module will break down the steps to creating a brand foundation in easy, bite-sized pieces so you can move forward with confidence as you show up online to serve more clients and create more impact–and be the bulk of your brand handbook.


  • Write a brand story that makes your “big why” sing to your best client. You’d be surprised how many of them will say it’s what hooked them in!
  • Harness your values and “essential trait” that make you YOU, and learn how to market them so you look like only-you-can-help-me-Obi-Wan to your competitors’ useless Jar Jar Binks–even if they have the exact same education and skillset as you.
  • Plan effective research to craft your best client profile (that’s right, we’re ditching the “ideal client avatar” old-school marketers still cling to)
  • Learn how to dig into perfect-for-you clients’ brains so they respond with “How did you know exactly what I was thinking?!”
  • Pick the three things you’re known for, and now you’re “The Girl Who ____, you know her, right…” and then learn how keep your message on-brand to those content areas.
  • Define a client journey. That’s a fancy way of seeing you’ll be able to meet your best client wherever they’re at with products and offers that make sense to them at every level.

Exclusive Bonus

Private, Members-Only Facebook Group

($397 value)

This is a group for like-minded individuals working together to define and refine their brands as they transition their businesses to group and course business models.

This isn’t a casual “post your latest blog post link” kind of group. It’s a supportive hive and resource for you with others who are in the trenches and doing deep branding work.

Leverage the power of this group to:
  • Tap into the “hive mind” of other coaches and consultants.
  • Get an extra set of eyes on all the pieces of your brand handbook.
  • Build valuable relationships with accountability partners.

Exclusive Bonus

Weekly Zoom Q+A Calls
(plus a bonus networking call!)

($597 value)

Pick my brand strategist brain weekly as you move through the modules and run into problem spots or hang-ups.

The Q&A calls will focus on the weekly content delivery and you can also ask questions about any area you’re working on at the moment.

Harness the power of these group calls to:
  • Get a brand strategist’s eyes on your biz (yes, I know it’s hard to read into other business’ examples and apply it to your unique situation!)
  • Uncover any “blind spots” you might have as you move through the brand refining process.
  • Networking call: introduce yourself to our other group members and form the basis of new friendships that will move forward in the Facebook group.

Heya, I'm Britney

As a brand strategist, I translate what it feels like to work with you into marketing that creates a connection with your future best clients.

Or, as a friend recently said, I turn humans into marketing. (I think that was a compliment?)

After over a decade of photographing people and designing their stories, I narrowed down to helping health + wellness course creators stop being the world’s best-kept secret. If you’ve ever felt like you could impact thousands if only you could be seen? That’s what I do for you.

Most of my clients tell me their greatest driver is wanting to help people, wanting to have more impact... and they can’t do that without getting their message out there.

If that’s you, too, it’s time to step up and BE the message.

Britney Gardner, brand strategist to health and wellness course creators

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I so appreciate, Britney, as I'm watching you and sensing you, how well you've tracked me and how engaged you are in this. For me there's a lot at stake and I know you really get that and I appreciate it.

- Robb Braun

The Brandscaping Challenge


Let me be blunt: Secret to Sought-Out is the only program of its kind that not only lays a complete brand foundation you can use as a springboard for all business decisions moving forward, it also teaches you what to say, where to say it, and how to show up visually to fill your online programs with ease. 

I’m 100% confident in your ability to transition your business to the online space when you follow the step-by-step process in this course.

But unlike other multi-week programs out there, I don’t want you to have to wait till the end to feel like you have a tangible result.

Enroll right now and watch the first few lessons defining your best client so you always have a picture in mind of who you’re talking to when marketing your business online and you’ll immediately have a whole different way of showing up online.

By the end of these 30 days, you’ll have received access to the entire brand foundation module and had the opportunity to fill out most of your brand handbook.

If you don’t feel confident in your brand and motivated to scale your business online with perfect-for-you clients, simply let me know at within those 30 days that you’ve put in the work on your brand handbook and it’s not for you and I’ll refund your investment.

Here's what you're getting

when you enroll today:

The full “Secret to Sought-Out” program (a $3500 value)

You’ll get access to all 4 modules of video training, workbooks, and brand handbook template so you can define and refine your brand for moving to the online course space.

  • Lay a crystal-clear brand foundation upon which you can move forward with confidence as you show up online to actually help more people AND rack up those profits.
  • Art direct storytelling visuals that Stop That Scroll.
  • Use my proprietary Brandscape Method that pulls in the right clients and filters out those best served by others.
  • Design a content calendar that effortlessly gets you seen with visibility and consistency as you attain the no-longer-elusive know, like, and trust factor.

Limited Time Bonuses

Members-Only Facebook Group (a $297 value)

This is where you’ll connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, trade feedback, and receive encouragement along your journey.

Group Q+A Calls (a $597 value)

A weekly gathering to ask questions of me, the brand strategist.

For the first 10 who Join:
A Private Brand Handbook Review (a $297 value)

A special, limited number can register for a personal review of their final draft brand handbook to receive any last tips or pointers.

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $4691!

(a small amount compared to the income of your business over time...)

But because I’m so excited to launch this program and live my words of helping more people in a group than I can 1:1, I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in “Secret to Sought-Out” TODAY at the special promo price of just...

4 Monthly Payments of


  • Access to the Secret to Sought-Out program
  • Private FB group
  • Weekly Q+A calls
  • Private Brand Handbook review (first 10)
Enroll + Pay Monthly

Single Payment of


  • Access to the Secret to Sought-Out program
  • Private FB group
  • Weekly Q+A calls
  • Private Brand Handbook review (first 10)
Pay in Full + Save
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What others have asked before scaling in
Secret to Sought-Out

I hear you, you’ve already built a great business with the proverbial blood, sweat and tears! When scaling (and particularly when doing so online) you’ll no longer have the same personal touch and deep connection you did when building your brick and mortar business. It’s almost like building a business all over again, so starting at the foundation to make sure you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s ensures your scaling goes smoothly.

Still working out the nigglies?

secret to sought-out

is PERFECT for you if you're:

The provider, coach or consultant just stepping their foot into the online business world and want to do it the right way so you’re not wasting your time.

Not new to online business, even perhaps sitting in the aftermath of a failed course launch because you couldn’t get enough traffic to your webinar or challenge... and you’re ready to fix this once and for all.

Constantly hearing clients say, “I wish I’d known about you sooner!” or “I’m so glad I found you; you’re the only person who’s been able to help me…” and you want to bring those fantastic results to even more people.

Eager to learn how to brandscape your business so your business landscape matches who you are as a person and feels like a natural extension of the expertise you bring to the table.

An action-taker with a growth mindset, ready to learn new ways to market your business as you scale. You’re looking forward to the benefits of group learning and live hotseats to get finger-pointy specific on YOUR business’s unique offers.

Already investing a few hours a week into growing the online side of your business and looking for ways to make that time more effective and produce results.

You’ve done “Ideal Client Avatar” exercises before but they either haven’t helped you move your business forward or left you more confused than ever, especially if you’re currently serving multiple kinds of clients.

The provider, coach or consultant just stepping their foot into the online business world and want to do it the right way so you’re not wasting your time.

Aware of and excited to take away the stress of filling your online programs and courses with gotta-have-you clients who will sing your praises after completing work with you.

Excited to have a complete brand + marketing strategy with everything from what to say to the visuals all in one place in your own brand handbook. You’re so ready to put all the pieces together and streamline marketing your business–so you can focus on impacting people again.

Nodding and hmmm-in along here?

If so, I can’t wait to meet you inside Secret to Sought-Out!

Get Started Today!

I'm ready to fill my online programs with ease knowing I'm backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee!

4 Monthly Payments of


  • Access to the Secret to Sought-Out program
  • Private FB group
  • Weekly Q+A calls
  • Private Brand Handbook review (first 10)
Enroll + Pay Monthly

Single Payment of


  • Access to the Secret to Sought-Out program
  • Private FB group
  • Weekly Q+A calls
  • Private Brand Handbook review (first 10)
Pay in Full + Save
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