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Today’s show is with Cora Spoladore, a Personal Branding Specialist who loves to help others succeed in business by creating real emotional connection with clients. She helps women service-based business owners gain clarity to confidently grow their business with professional brand guidance that attracts dream clients.

I mention in the show how I’ve been following Cora for a while and the reason is that she places equal parts on form and function in the design she produces. She encourages her clients to embody their brand and stand out professionally. The client’s branding journey determines how they move forward in their future business.

In addition to brand coaching and identity design, Cora is an international entrepreneur who has worked with several highly successful online coaches. Cora currently lives in Berlin, Germany and Los Angeles, California and has an international network of experts who enable her to serve her clients.

Her expertise comes from having implemented highly successful branding strategies over the past 15 years while working with billion dollar companies such as PayPal, Adidas, Coca Cola, and several others in the fashion industry. Having created successful online business strategies, online launches and brand designs, Cora’s clients have been able to build an authentic personal brand identity that connect emotionally to their audience.

Cora now brings the same expertise to her clients in the online entrepreneurial world as CEO of her own business, “DESIGN YOUR FUTURE”.


  • Cora’s wants her clients to feel motivated and celebrated for their greatness, and show she includes that in all her imagery
  • how to determine the three top emotions you want in your business
  • when you’ve been in business for a while and achieved some success, but aren’t happy and fulfilled in your business
  • redefining and aligning your visual brand with your values
  • the reason Cora co-creates a brand WITH her clients
  • how Cora chose her own brand colors
  • Cora’s take on starting your business with bare-bones design
  • a case study from one of Cora’s recent clients
  • a program for women who are ready to own a leadership role in their business
  • often clients are a reflection of ourselves, so choose your clients wisely and thrive together




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