Sharing a Portland Glamour Session is More Fun

Disclaimer: this is my family. These are my two sisters and this is my mother. I barely even finished the question of whether they’d sit for me before I got affirmatives from all three! Why did I ask them to pose for me? I love photographing modern glamour and I want you to love it, too. And I think part of it is sharing a session with those you love, too.

Whether it’s a girlfriend you’ve known forever or a coworker you met a few months ago, or a sister or a mother or both – it doesn’t matter. Sharing a session means twice the giggles and twice the inside jokes. And maybe, just maybe it means someone to share a bottle of champagne with! For this reason there’s a pricing incentive for two-person photo sessions. (Read more information about that here.)

Sharing a Portland glamour session with someone should be the next item on your wishlist! Oh and hey – moms out there? If your daughters have all flown the nest and you’re looking for fun activities to share with them, this is a great idea. You can only do so many mani-pedi dates in a year and this is a great bonding time with your children! Do I hear some holiday gifts coming up soon?