Robyn Graham is a certified brand strategist and business coach who helps entrepreneurs build a personal brand and business that attracts clients, makes money, and has an impact. Join us as we talk about finding brand clarity and how to apply it to your business.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Robyn’s transition from a pharmacist to branding expert
  • Why branding is more than just your color palette and font choices
  • How Robyn helps her clients find brand clarity
  • What to do next after you’ve found brand clarity
  • The importance of consistency for your brand (and that doesn’t mean posting every single day!)
  • A tip for creating content on the fly when life happens and you didn’t get to plan ahead



Your personal brand is what other people think, say, and feel about you.

At the end of the day, I’m not for everyone. You’re not for everyone. No one is, right? So we have to make sure that we’re connecting with those people that we’re truly called to serve and to serve them the best way possible.

One of the ways that I help my clients find clarity is to have them list out their values, their visions, and their passions. And if you think of a Venn diagram, at some point on those lists they’re all three going to overlap. And in my opinion, I believe that that is where your purpose is.

You can’t have clients who have values at the complete opposite spectrum of yours because you’re not going to be able to serve them. And they’re not gonna be able to accept your guidance as well.

Because we live in such an online digital world, and we’re all trying to build our personal brands online so that we can be visible, imposter syndrome creeps in so easily. And once that comparison-itis and the lack of confidence because of that creeps in, fear sets in. And then we stay in a place of procrastination and inaction.

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