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Simple social media trainings to get your visible in mere minutes per day



Do you struggle with representing your business on social media through consistent posts and content? Do you have a lot of ideas to share, but rarely make the time to sit down, write posts, and click send?

You are frustrated and feel like you’re all over the place. You’ve got a few websites, several social media accounts and rarely do any of them get enough time. You know you need consistency!

You are not alone!

Thousands like you are thinking, “So I’ve got a brand, I’ve got photos, I’ve got copy. NOW what?”

Introducing Social Media Simple Start

A collection of short 10-minute trainings that teach you a simple social media strategy you can execute in 2 minutes per day .

(using only free or inexpensive tools)

What you will create

  • A duplicatable monthly social media plan.
  • A simple, 2/min day posting strategy
  • A go-to content library for evergreen content
  • How to create on-brand posts for your social media accounts

Beginning with four power-packed trainings that give you the 2-minute posting strategy

Every month I’ll add two new short trainings

Each training is short. I know your time is valuable so I wrap up each training with one or two immediate action to-do’s to keep you on track.

Any questions? There’s both a private, members-only Facebook group and a monthly Q&A call to get your questions answered.

Here is what we cover

Time Strategy

How to plan your month so you only spend a handful of minutes per day posting new content and engaging on social media.

Tools of the Trade

I’ve spent ten months testing out dozens of social media automation tools and will show you the best of the best, including my final choices for my own business. I’ll cover general social media tools and automation-specific tools for a well rounded social media strategy.

In addition to apps and tools specifically for social media, I’ll add in occasional time-saving and productivity tips as well.

Visual Strategy

Think you can’t build a pleasing and engaging visual strategy just because you’re not a designer or photographer? Think again.

Future trainings will include a photo workshop for non-photographers + I’ll cover go-to props and building your own stock graphic library.

Creating Content

Posting meaningless things everyday won’t help you, so the first trainings available teach you how to break down your brand message into daily post content.

Affiliate Gifts & Bonuses

Many of my favorite tools and resources have offered exclusive gifts and discounts on their products. My resources page pass on these deals to you.

Individual Attention

Every business is unique and while most of my trainings are adaptable, if you run into blocks I’m here to answer your questions.

Your membership includes a monthly group Q&A call and a members-only Facebook group.

Sometimes you’re flowing with ideas of what to share and you know your ideal client will love it. Other times… that clear, bold voice is hiding. You stare at the blinking cursor and end up walking away without any posts at all.

If this sounds like you:

*you don’t have time to be consistent in posting on social media
*you’re paralyzed in fear of making the wrong decisions
*other things are easier (and more fun!) to you
*you aren’t even hip to FB marketing yet, let alone all these other platforms
*you know it’s not in your A+ skill set area

It’s time to take back your power in your business and learn how to make visibility your thing.



You waste your current time on social media because you don’t have a clear objective. With one day a month of planning and two minutes or less per day of active posting, you’ll learn how to make that time count.


You’ll be blown away by how much I accomplish using just ONE social media platform, and how I’ve used it to shape my strategy on the other platforms of my choice.


Turn your daily posting into a content library, so you always have something to post wherever you need to up your visibility game.

What others are saying …

I really appreciated what you did for Empowered. I am SO glad to meet you and get the opportunity to work with you.

Michelle Moore, Founder of Empowered Focus & Self Defense

I am extremely impressed with Britney's professionalism, attention to detail and expertise. She has an eye for messaging, brand consistency, design and flow.

Suzie Sandoval, Founder of Organizen

This is your invitation to join me on my new short course:

Social Media Simple Start

This is a membership site that teaches you how to spend one day working on a plan and action steps so that when you walk away, your business is still working for you. From there you will spend 2 minutes per day OR LESS to engage your audience on social media.


About the Creator

Britney Gardner is a brand strategist and marketing photographer who translates what it feels like to work with you into branding you can use to build a business full of the best clients for you.

Creator of the Badass Brand and host of the The Know, Like & Trust Show, Britney serves entrepreneurs who are ready to level up to the premium clients they’ve been waiting for.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should have a set business idea if you haven’t yet started your business.

As for social media experience, none needed yet! This is a beginner’s social media course designed to boost your business’s visibility. If you can log on to Facebook, you can do everything I teach in this course.

Any tools I discuss using in Social Media Simple Start are free or very inexpensive (less than $10 a month). They are all optional, though, so you join this membership knowing you have no additional costs necessary to follow through on the training.
The course itself is designed to take very little time to follow, because you are a busy entrepreneur and the last thing you need is extensive training videos to watch. Most trainings are 10 minutes or less.

The strategy I teach within the course will take one planning session (around two hours) per month and 2 minutes or less per day to execute.

You can use these trainings for life! Of course, I recommend backing up the material on your own end.

Please do not share them with others who have not purchased the course, as that goes against the terms of agreement and basic human decency.

I offer private VIP sessions to aid in planning out your social media strategy for the year if you are interested in further support. As for managing your social media presence, that is something i offer on a case by case basis and I’m available for inquiry.

This is for you if:

  • you’re an entrepreneur looking for a system to be more consistent in social media posts
  • you’re ready to stand out from the crowd in your industry and build social authority
  • you want more reach without more time investment
  • you struggle with what to post and when

This is NOT for you if:

  • you’re looking to become the next Instagram superstar with thousands of unengaged followers
  • you’re already a social media guru
  • you aren’t willing to build your business with consistent, daily habits

Monthly membership fee: $27

Disclaimer: Enrolling in Social Media Simple Start does not guarantee results. You have to follow the steps to create the strategy. Britney Gardner is not responsible for what you do with the material presented in this program. To see our Privacy Policy, click here.