Soul Branding and Introducing Your Life Purpose with Confidence with Linda Bard #003

Linda Bard is known as “The Soul Brand Strategist” at her company Find Your Creative Voice. An international best-selling author, transformational speaker, and intuitive confidante, this passionate and rebellious Renaissance woman has been a creative entrepreneur and storyteller for more than two decades. She also employs hand analysis as a way to merge the creative realm and a self discovery tool so you can stand in a place of truth. When she got bit by a rattlesnake in 2011, she realized her purpose now had to include the theme of shedding identities that no longer serve you.

Linda is an expert at helping multi-passionate evolutionary women around the world connect with their hearts desire, uncover their core story, and claim their authentic branding & media platform, so they can receive the abundance they so richly deserve for their work in the world. As she loves to say, “I help you to SEE you, so you can BE you, Without apology!”


  • What is the inner essence of me and how can that impact my message and my brand?
  • Linda gives case examples on how to turn networking conversations from title introductions to “tell me more” conversations.
  • You can hear a message ten times and it will have to come from a particular person whose frequency of voice you
  • resonate with for you to really get it.
  • Linda poses the question: how can you know who to work with before you know who you yourself are?
  • What happens when you employ negative words or fear-based marketing tactics
  • A new way to look at the Know Like Trust factor.
  • Knowing who you are, loving what you’re doing & trusting your calling allows you to take inspired action and generates the KLT factor.
  • She discusses her own challenges in marketing with “intangible” results.
  • A great way to build your KLT factor is to use your own words in marketing.



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Music by Michael De La Torre. Thanks, Mikey!