Branding Business Coach Marketing Photos

How I Created Great Personal Branding Photos

The truth about all great branding photos? They take into account the six brandscaping questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Who are they?
  3. How do you serve them?
  4. What to say?
  5. Where to say it?
  6. How to show up visually?

You’ll note, how to show up visually is the LAST question. And that’s because to really create fantastic business coach branding photos, you have to move through the first five questions to get there.

Otherwise…it’s just a pretty picture.

And if you peruse this site, you’ll see I’m a fan of pretty pictures. What I really love, though, is pretty with depth. That is, what is the purpose of the photo? What will it DO for you? How will it speak to your audience?

Those questions are easy if you’ve gone through the Brandscaping Process. Please don’t book your next photo session without it!


When you’re a coach and your business even contains the word “brand” you absolutely need a staggering set of personal branding photos splashed all over your visual presence. Branding business coach marketing photos raise the bar on the idea of a brand image.

Here’s an excerpt from Danielle’s results interview six months after her photo and branding coach's personal brand photo session[/x_slide][x_slide]personal branding photos for a business coach[/x_slide][x_slide]branding photos with personality[/x_slide][x_slide]personal branding photos for a business coach[/x_slide][x_slide]marketing and branding coach's personal brand photo session[/x_slide][x_slide]branding photos with personalityQ: Who Are You?
A: I’m a Client Attraction coach from Portland, OR best known for helping creative solo professionals (such as coaches, consultants, photographers, designers, etc.) brand themselves and fill their practices with ease. I am also known for my online speaking course, Free Talks that Sell, where I teach my audience to create and promote their client-attracting signature talk to skyrocket their business to six figures, by authentically sharing their message.

Q: What were your challenges before we worked together?
A: I needed a mix of photos to use online that included headshots and lifestyle shots that worked for our new website concept.

Finding the right photographer for the job has always been a challenge, because I have high standards and often a variety of needs per photo shoot. I have just a handful of people who are on my trusted go-to list, and that includes you, Britney.

The challenge is finding someone who can make the photo process fun, communicate well every step of the way, and excel at shooting a variety of kinds of photos. I’ve worked with many photographers in the past who excelled at one of these at the expense of the others and…that just won’t do!

Q: What plan did you have for your photos?
A: We created a photo plan together based on the needs of my website, which at the time, was soon to be re-launched.

Q: What was the result of you following that plan with your photos?
A: The result was I got everything I needed online to fill the site with personality, including photos I was able to use for social media banner pictures!