Personal Branding for Alternative Careers

Melissa’s success story proves that personal branding for alternative careers – or as she terms it, fringe jobs – is a must. An impeccable brand image allowed her access into a new world of influence.

For her, the knowledge that when somebody does their research on her they’ll be presented with a solid foundation and legit brand.personal branding photos by[/x_slide][x_slide][/x_slide][x_slide]personal branding photos for the message mechanic[/x_slide][x_slide]personal branding photos for the message mechanic[/x_slide][x_slide]online biz owner personal branding photosI’m Melissa Mattern and I’m The Psychic Genius.

When people hear the word “psychic” they have a lot of different reactions. They jump back. Or think about one of those neon signs with a palm in the middle of it. Or wonder if I am 1.99 per minute. Or think I have a crystal ball and can command my Flying Monkeys at will.

When I introduce myself and they say their name back to me it is often followed by “But you knew that didn’t you!” and I give a smile ‘cause you don’t have to have much psychic ability to see that joke coming.

Only I’m not a joke. I’m a professional. I have spent my entire life building my skills. I have studied with the best teachers in the world. I have been mentored by other master psychics who are at the top of their game and they recognize my commitment and skill level. I have traveled thousands of miles to train with the masters and spent hundreds of hours wandering around some strange city looking for a vegetarian meal that is not a veggie burger or a pile of beans.

The funny thing is that Britney didn’t really believe in psychics when I met her. But she did believe in my relentless energy and my commitment to excellence. She did believe that the photos on my website were good, but not indicative of my skills. She did believe that I was a BRAND.

Me, a brand? I didn’t come along very willingly.

Britney introduced me to branding. How branding builds and sustains a healthy client base because clients see the real me in a consistent and authentic message. How the right photo, the photo that shows the real me is not only what my clients are looking for, it’s what a great client demands!

In the planning phase we dialed in on what The Psychic Genius really is. Britney was the real genius by using careful questions to look at the real me and what my favorite client looks like. Turns out my favorite client looks like me! Driven, curious, dynamic, hard charging…but thoughtful. The actual photo shoot was cake walk because Britney and her magic camera lens already knew what our team was looking for!

My photos and branding moved beyond my website and into my Facebook page, Twitter banner, Periscope profile, and my printed material. I recently attended a huge conference and met a lot of heavy hitter producers and casting agents (Secret is out! My eyes are on my own show!) and the minute they saw my card or opened up their phones to follow me on Twitter that tiny photo gave me instant credibility as the professional that I am. Not one joke about “You knew that already” during an introduction. And they were quick to not only reach into their pocket to pull out a card, but when I returned home they contacted me first.

Britney developed and captured my brand authentically and consistently so whether I am writing a blog post, Tweeting, or hanging out on Periscope…my best clients and fans recognize and trust my brand. This gives me 100% time to showcase my skills and do what I do best – provide professional psychic readings.