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Words from Stephanie:

“Your brand strategy changed everything for me.

You got to the core of who I was, and the brand I was developing.  I didn’t have that direction before meeting you, Britney.

You spoke to me, and you listened to me.  You treated me with dignity and respect every step of the way.  You showed me how a client should be treated. 

I chose you because I wanted non-traditional head shots.  I saw that your work was just that:  Professional photography that captured the person from the inside out.  I saw play and purpose in your work.  I saw happy people in your images.  Their happiness did not take away from their professionalism.  

What tipped me over the edge, was listening to you speak.”

“After working with you Britney, I made business decisions aligned with my purpose – You gently drew that out of me.  Now, even when I go off track a bit, I revisit my notes from our interview and remember that’s who I am.  That’s the kind of business I must lead.”