The Importance of Inclusive Marketing

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This article is about inclusive marketing and shoulder clients, and I’m gonna call myself out here, if either of those terms are scaring the bejesus out of you, don’t worry, we’re gonna define them in a minute. I want to kind of frame this in talking about inclusive marketing. And some of the concepts I’m … Read more

Inclusive Marketing & Shoulder Clients #166

Today we are talking about inclusive marketing and shoulder clients. Some of the concepts I’m going to be talking about are very specific, and maybe even feel exclusionary — they’re not. This is actually a way for you to draw people in. Topics discussed in this episode: Why inclusive market and allowing people to self-select … Read more

Visibility = Currency #161

Tracy Phillips, a 20-year, Emmy-nominated video pro, joins me on the podcast today and we talk about using video to market yourself and your business. Topics discussed in this episode: How Tracy has taken her knowledge from the film world and translated it to online marketing Navigating impostor syndrome The beauty of being yourself and … Read more

Removing Your Ego From Your Marketing #160


Today on the podcast, I’m excited to dive into the topic of removing your ego from your marketing. Topics discussed in this episode: Two concepts that you need to internalize in order to remove your ego from your marketing How to troubleshoot when your launch is quiet The 1% better concept Using marketing and content … Read more

What To Do After You Capture the Interest of Your Audience

Hey everyone, today we’re going to be talking about helping your audience feel seen and heard. All right, if you are new around here, and you haven’t noticed the name of the show, it is called the Know, Like and Trust show, and that’s all based on the quote: “All things being equal, people are … Read more

Helping Your Audience Feel Seen & Heard #140

Know, like, and trust are three different words, but that doesn’t mean they are all connected. The first step in building your know, like, trust factor is capturing attention or interest, but what about the rest? How do you build the like and move into trust? That’s what we’re diving into on today’s episode of … Read more

Reaching Your Business Potential #126

reaching your business potential

Leaving the “status quo” crowd behind and aiming for true excellence in your business, based on quotes from J.M. Barrie, John C. Maxwell, the Rubik’s cube, and personal achievement. TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Why the topic for this episode has been collecting dust on my social calendar for three months My theory on why … Read more

The Client-Landing Formula

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In the last three months, I’ve had three separate clients say something along the lines of, “Can’t clients just find me?!” One of those was in response to putting together a visibility plan at all because it’s a bit of work if you’ve never addressed it before and, well, wouldn’t it be nice to skip … Read more