How to Use Your Book to Connect with Your Audience with Patti Zorr #207

book marketing

This week on the podcast, we’re talking with Patti Zorr, a book marketing strategist helping authors scale their business with their books. She shares her story of starting a book launching business and how to market your book and use it to connect more deeply with your audience. I am excited about this conversation, as … Read more

Craft Your Marketing Argument with Dr. Michelle Mazur #182


This week on the podcast, we’re talking with Dr. Michelle Mazur, brand messaging and marketing expert for online business owners. She’s sharing her strategies for communicating your message to reach more potential clients and the importance of having strong, captivating messages to spread your ideas in the online world. Topics discussed in this episode: Michelle’s … Read more

Skipping the Brand Questions Is a Mistake #167


Robyn Graham is a certified brand strategist and business coach who helps entrepreneurs build a personal brand and business that attracts clients, makes money, and has an impact. Join us as we talk about finding brand clarity and how to apply it to your business. Topics discussed in this episode: Robyn’s transition from a pharmacist … Read more

How to Show Up Authentically as YOU #157

As a Certified High Performance Coach, Mehreen Siddiqui equips her clients with the mindset, accountability, and leadership skills. Today on the podcast, we talk about the importance of showing up authentically in your business and life. Topics discussed in this episode: The importance of having conversations for business and personal growth How to show up … Read more

How to Build Trust with Your Audience

I want to talk about the “under promise over deliver” cliche in today’s post, but we’re gonna be talking about it through the Know, Like & Trust lens. Let’s just call it out right here at the beginning, the best way to kill your Know, Like & Trust factor is not living up to expectations. … Read more