How to Take the Brand Archetypes Fortune 500 Companies Use to Your Business with Dr. Sharon Livingston #036

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Dr. Sharon Livingston is founder and president of The Livingston Group for Marketing, Inc., a brand marketing research company that implements projective techniques to discover how brands and people interact. Dr. Sharon is also the author of “Get Lost Girlfriend: How I Found Myself When My Best Friend Dumped Me”, a best seller in the … Read more

3 Reasons Your Brand is Not A Thing (Yet)

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“That’s not a thing,” he said. If you are a fan of Colbert and happened to catch Jon Stewart’s impromptu (very planned) pop-in to the show last week, count yourself blessed. Regardless of your political leanings, Jon Stewart is one of my favorite branding case studies and I routinely find inspiration from the way he words … Read more

Paint Yourself Into the Best Brand You Can Envision with Jenna Soard #019

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Jenna Soard of You Can Brand shares branding trials and successes, ranging everywhere from the time she struggled immensely with her own brand right on through her first six-figure course launch. She’s a design fanatic, branding expert and recently inspired blogger who takes experience as a college professor and designer at Nike to entrepreneurs looking to … Read more

Shaping Your Brand’s Style and Soul with Cora Spoladore #006

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Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | RSS Today’s show is with Cora Spoladore, a Personal Branding Specialist who loves to help others succeed in business by creating real emotional connection with clients. She helps women service-based business owners gain clarity to confidently grow their business with professional brand guidance that attracts dream clients. I mention in the … Read more

Branding Myths You Can Unlearn Right Now with Danielle Louise Ross #001

Today I’m talking to Danielle Louise Ross. Danielle is an actress turned marketing coach and nationally-recognized speaker, and co-founder of Brand You Business, a coaching and education company that supports superstar solopreneurs in building a thriving business based on self-expression, service and freedom. Often referred to as an “honest and real” marketer, a nurturing coach, and … Read more

When Customer Service Hurts Your Brand

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A few days ago, I had a bad morning. I had an email scheduled to go out at 7am. As I was sipping my tea latte that morning and going through my overnight email, I realized I didn’t see the newsletter email in my inbox. This newsletter was a big one for me – not … Read more

Be Seen: Looking the Part & Being Authentically You

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Despite guiding my clients on their own personal brands, I sometimes struggle with my own messaging. Yes, shocking, I know. But the reality is, no matter how good I am at helping others, I often find myself at odds with my own work. I create beautiful and meaningful photos of my clients, yet constantly need … Read more

Is Your Branding Driving You Crazy?

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I’m human. And that means that I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, and often doubt myself. I am a branding strategist and I am a photographer, but doing both at the same time isn’t easy. A Moment of Frustration Before I delve fully into this, I’m going to point out that the featured photo was … Read more