Networking for Introverts #155


Jennifer Corcoran helps female entrepreneurs get visible on LinkedIn and create economic opportunities without having to resort to paid advertising or spammy cold outreach. Join us as we discuss networking and what that looks like for introverts like us. Topics discussed in this episode: How Jennifer started networking as a child (and maybe you did … Read more

5 Business Lessons from a Backyard Skunk

5 business lessons from a backyard skunk

The Backstory: My husband and I moved into our new home in August of 2015. Starting the day we sat outside in the front yard waiting for our realtor to bring our new keys to us, basking in the late July sun we met our first neighbor. Her name is Connie and she was friendly, … Read more

Business Lessons Learned from the Lion Guard

business lessons learned from the lion guard tv show

You might be thinking I’ve gone pretty far out on a brittle, teetering limb right now. Or you might just realize that thankfully, Spring Break is over. This year I got my first real taste of being a parent that longs for break to be over. To just get back to our routine. To have … Read more