The ABCs of Visibility #172


Lisa Simone Richards shares her expertise as a PR and visibility strategist and how you can apply her tips to your small or micro business. Topics discussed in this episode: “Pay for play” online features and why they are a scam The differences between social, paid, and earned media Lisa’s ABCs of Visibility Why you … Read more

How to Make Marketing Trends Work for You

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Hey, friends! Today we are going to be attacking — and, yes, I use that word very carefully — short attention span marketing. Alright, so most of my articles revolve around tactical ways to expand your authentic automated marketing. I have dished on how to be authentic and also automate to save yourself time, what … Read more

How to Show Up with Consistency


All right, guys, I’m so excited for this blog post today. I have kind of talked in and around the subject in a variety of posts. Today we’re going to be talking about the three visibility platforms.  The reason I realized I actually really need to do a post on this is because just a … Read more