The Downside of Repurposing: Understanding the Pitfalls and Benefits for Micro Businesses

the downside of repurposing

Thoughtful Content Repurposing Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of repurposing content, let’s be clear about one thing: there’s a downside to repurposing. And that’s exactly what we’re going to discuss today. Look, I’m all for repurposing content – in fact, my main offer is helping service providers like you utilize evergreen content in smart … Read more

LinkedIn: The Art of Building Connections from Tania Bhattacharya #248

lazy on linkedin

Small, solo-ish businesses have a unique challenge when it comes to LinkedIn. While not the corporate playground it once was, it works differently for micro businesses than it does for those working in a job. Building Connections on LinkedIn LinkedIn, the ultimate hub for professional connections, is your playground for networking and fostering professional relationships. … Read more

How To Avoid The Hamster Wheel Of Content Creation #237

Break Free from the Content Creation Hamster Wheel

Introduction: What is the content creation hamster wheel? The content creation hamster wheel is exactly what it sounds like. It’s you, the hamster, thinking that if you create just one more piece of content you’ll get somewhere. And then you keep going and going, spinning around on a wheel and never making it anywhere, feeling … Read more

How to Lean On Your Evergreen Content #218

How to Lean On Your Evergreen Content #218

Do you want to achieve your business goals? I’m sharing the solution of repurposing content so that you can get there–even when things aren’t “business as usual.” I stay on my toes, always looking for ways to improve my content. Evergreen content is an effective strategy for doing this since it’s always relevant and can … Read more

Repurposing Content: Myths & Methods #216

Do you have a ton of great content that you’re not sure what to do with? Repurposing is the answer! In this episode you will learn:  Some people think repurposing content is lazy, but it’s a smart way to work. If you’ve created good content in the past, there’s no reason not to share it … Read more

Content Honeytraps with Deirdre Tshien #209

Are you looking for tips on how to create content that is both effective and engaging? You will learn how to create content that is both effective and engaging. Deirdre Tshien is the cofounder and CEO of Capsho, the world’s first AI-powered podcast copywriter. She is the author of Honey Trap Marketing, and host of … Read more

3 Different Kinds of Content Automation You Can Use In Your Business Today

automate your content

There are plenty of options when it comes to content creation, and I want to call out one important thing first… nothing is completely automated. Or at least, not if you want to sound like a real person, a real human, someone who deeply understands your best client and aims to serve them well, building … Read more